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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Shadow

My companion since childhood,
by me she has always stood.
I walk with a straight posture,
always sleeping is its behavior.

Her aim is to try and defeat me,
to reach every place before me.
Though she knows she is tied to me,
but she searches for her own identity.

Maybe hassled with my habits,
She looks for a place new to inhabit.
Compared to my life which is scattered,
The life of others seems uncluttered.

I wish it could have been possible,
to set her free for her searchable.
I would have lived my life alone,
And she would have lived her own.

A shadow is a shadow,
God’s rules it has to follow.
We are tied together presently,
The time for freedom is not yet to be.

When that time comes,
The day of reckoning will come.
Freedom from each other to achieve,
And resolve go our separate ways I believe.

renukakkar 17.01.2011
Copyright © 2011

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