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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Inner Self

Each one of us 
Has a higher self 
A middle and lower self  
As well as an inner self 

The higher self we aspire to be 
The lower self is how far we fall 
The middle self is a mixed ball  
The inner self is really small 

The inner self is a place   
Where Ego does not gel 
A place where there is the you real 
And time is at a stand still 
Encased under coverings of Ego 
Is said to be the soul 
The soul is not new but very old 
Having passed stages and evolved 
The inner place is peaceful 
 People’s talks here have no value 
 It is you your belief and your values 
That marks your progress spiritual  
The place deep inside you 
Somewhere near your heart 
The peacefulness is so great 
Not found in any world's part  
We do not realize 
It is what Saints look for 
Throughout live what we all search for 
 Ultimate destination we are destined for