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Monday, October 8, 2012

Where love has gone

Stars shining up there so bright,
Please shine your cool white light.
Light up my  way in the dark night,
 that I reach my destination in sight.

My love comes down this street,
 Today after many days we will meet.
Please shine your light  indeed,
Stars do not disappoint me please.

Here she comes with flowers in her hair, 
I can see her from the street across here.
She awaits me besides the tree bare,
In the rain I see her stand and stare.

I must run to her though falling rain,
 Across the street I run but in vain.
I stand there and stare in pain,
She no longer stands by the lane. 

It was my imagination that I saw her,
 A year ago she died when a car hit her.
Awaiting me across the street there,
Like I see her besides the tree bare. 

During  the  Star lit nights,
I see her when I pass these streets.
But she vanishes from  my sight,
Leaving me searching throughout the night.
 renukakkar 5.10.2012