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Friday, February 11, 2011

Window in the sky

Look there is a window in the sky
if I had wings to it I would surely fly.
The window looks quite ordinary
but I am sure it is extraordinary.

No one has ever seen such a sight
we all must not think of taking flight.
With courage we must surely face
and show to them our development pace.

Who could have set up such a window?
through which we can see only our side of the show.
Is some being trying to tell us something ?
an image of what our world is by showing.

Definitely a mirror for some and a window for others
showing us all our past crimes and misdemeanors.
With amends what we could make ourselves be
where life is taking us with our own eyes we must see.

Do not consider it as a time portal
to travel into the future and past to unravel.
It is indeed a mirror of our soul reflecting
our thoughts in the sky we are projecting.
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