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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Do You love Me ?

I wonder why he loves me so much 
Don't  know why he has faith in whatever I say.

Maybe with a few dreams in his eyes
He awaits a chance of his love to me to convey.

Upon not being able to talk to me
agitated and  imbalanced he seems to sway. 

Since when I am within his heart
This fact he tried to me convey

Quietly he came into my life
creating a place in my heart for him to stay.

Do I accept or reject
I am in a fix now what do I say?

These are the feelings of the heart
Complaints and grievances to whom do I convey.

I know fully well that our paths in life are different
But I am stuck in the ifs and buts today. 

This is just the quality of love
The waves of love sway sweetly and softly. 

Save us oh God from the evil eyes of the world
quietly and slowly let the waves sway.

renukakkar 3.3.2013