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Friday, September 16, 2011

देव दूत

जब अन्तर ध्यान में हम होते हैं   
कोई देव दूत से सामने आते हैं. 

ऐसा लगता है कि वो चलते नहीं    
समझो आते हैं तिरते यूँ ही. 

नूर चमकता है उनके चेहरे से और  
आँखों से झलकता है दया का सागर.   

स्वर्ग के खास बाशिंदे लगते हैं  
धरती पर ऐसा कहां कोई मिलता है. 

तारों के बीचो-बीच वो सरकते 
गृह और सितारे उनके एक तरफ चलते.   

आकाश गंगा दूसरी तरफ है बहती  
हमारे सामने नित नई सृष्टियां हैं रचती.    

उनके आभा मंडल मैं है चकाचौंध रोशनी  
साधु वस्त्रों से भी अनुभव होती  है चांदनी.   

सफेद घुँघराले लम्बे केश और वैसी ही दाढ़ी उनकी   
ऊँचा कद है उनका और सफेद रस्सी है बंधी.    

सफेद टेढी लाठी हाथ में है थामी
यहाँ  वहाँ उसकी बजने की आवाज़ है आती.  

अचानक मेरे सामने आ कर वो यूँ रुक जाते 
और उठा हाथ आशीर्वाद देते हैं मुझे मुस्कराते.

भावुक मन होने से मेरी भर आती हैं आंखें 
वैसे भी तेज़ रोशनी से नैन नीर बरसाते.     

जहाँ से वो आए थे वो वापिस चले जाते     
अन्धकार लौट आता मेरे सामने फिर से . 

ध्यान से बहार जब हम आते हैं    
कुछ खोने का एहसास होता है.    

जब भी उस दृश्य के बारे में सोचते हैं 
उस दृश्य का मतलब खोजते  हैं. 

कौन थे वो देव दयालु रोशनी वाले? 
भगवान या देव दूत या कोई फ़रिश्ते ?

रेनू कक्कड़ १६.९.२०११ 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pondering about fleeting time

Sometimes I ponder why,
time no longer moves slowly.
Every step I take forward,
Is practically a step backward.

Day seems to finish to soon,
Before I know it Sun changes to the moon.
Night is weary and wakeful, 
Providing no rest for the body or soul.

As a child everything was fascinating,
Each object was new and captivating.
Sleeping and dreaming of fairies and castles,  
slaying dragons, meeting talking animals.

Now sleeps for many is elusive, 
to call it one has to be cultivative .
Popping pills is a norm for some,
for others its counting sheep till sleep will come.

Sometimes I wish I was much younger,
Though i am not that much older.
During youth nothing is unavailable,
And also nothing was unattainable. 

Time though fleeting is still on my side, 
but impediments do slow my stride.
Being  cautious, strong  and etc thrown in,
Sometimes I really wish i was young again.


Me and my goal

I am on my way to reach my goal
all along it has been a tough fight.
playing hide and seek has become my role
my goal still remains hidden from my sight.

I have had a real tough time.
and no closer have I reached.
This elusive goal of mine.
is like searching for a heart beat.

At the end of the tunnel is a light
That has been avoiding me.
A long time I have been searching it
will i manage to reach it this time.

Even I deserve to receive
and rest after the long tussle.
The reward of happiness and peace
should be mine after all the faced hassle.

I ask myself,will I ever fulfill?
all my aspirations & dreams?
Or will continue to struggle still?
to reach and realize my aims?

Why is it that honest people suffer?
in this corrupt absurd world?
Why do the idealists endure?
who is the guardian angel of the wayward?

It seems we have paid the price
and reap what we had not sown.
Bringing to book had seamed a farce 
but people are being caught now for corruption.

So I am hopeful for the future now
as on a new threshold we all stand.
As agony and pain step out to take a bow.
in sensitiveness corruption almost dead.

Now I can say that I am on my way to reach my goal
almost gone is the long tough fight.
which played hide and seek with me in the penultimate role
my goal will no longer remains hidden from sight.
renukakkar 14.9.2011

life and its meaning

The sun shining on us in full brightness
the flowers spread a heavenly fragrance.
The air we breathe imparts us freshness
we tread life’s path with carelessness  

Life will becomes meaningless
if we do not search for our wholeness
Looking within  and into our consciousness
proceeding into the sub consciousness

There we find that incompleteness
is due to the soul’s search for oneness
As one meditates to attain absoluteness
deeper meditation reveals visionariness 

Some say these visions are imaginativeness 
others say it is mind travel into space and timelessness
Whatever it is, it brings restfulness
to start the day with extra effervescence 
renukakkar 14.9.2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today I stand alone
you have left me forlorn.
To face responsibilities
and to do financial jugglery.

Chores I shoulder alone
balancing office work and home.
The children try my patience
growing up they need your guidance.

You vanished before the end of the play
closing the chapter of life midway.
I wish I could have held you back
Angels say it is just my bad luck.

My face changes as I age gracefully
passing above would you recognize me?
Seven winters have passed by
a few more lines and my hair turns grey.

But there is still peace glowing from within
I know you are there watch in'.
When my time comes after duties are done
to welcome me at heaven's gate you will stand.

renukakkar 13.9.2011

The strom and thereafter

The sunlight and its brightness
get engulfed in darkness.
A cut knife silence prevails
as if before a storm the lull is felt.

The wind begins to blow softly
gaining speed it blows wildly and ferociously.
Picking up dust and creating a screen
through which nothing can be seen.

The wind starts swirling
dry leaves and dust it is pulling.
A funnel is slowly formed
reaching from the sky to the ground.

Trees sway to the wind's tunes
which create a howling ruckus.
Not to be left behind thunder follows
and then there is utter chaos.

An eerie darkness in the skies
howling winds crying trees making painful shrieks.
There are bolts of thunder and lightning
cracking and hissing on grounds falling.

God's anger slowly ebbs
we behold downpour as tears.
Some damage here and there
but the dust storm has gone where?

Sometime later there is a cool breeze
clouds disappear and the sun peeps.
no traces of engulfing darkness
sun shines out with full brightness.

renukakkar 13.9.2011