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Saturday, February 19, 2011


न थी हमारी किस्मत,

हमसफ़र साथ होता.
ज़िन्दगी के कठिन राहों पे,
हमारे साथ जो चलता.
न थी हमारी किस्मत…

किए थे वादे हमसे,

भुला दिए सब तुमने.
अग्नि को साक्षी मान के,
भी वादे जो किए थे तुमने.
न थी हमारी किस्मत …

हमारी दुनिया से दूर,

उस दुनिया में चले तो गए हो.
इस ज़िन्दगी के रास्ते पे,
अकले चलने को छोड़ गए हो.
न थी हमारी किस्मत…

हर मुश्किल का सामना,

हम अकेले ही करेंगे.
न हो तुम साथ तो क्या,
तुम्हारी याद के संग करेंगे.
न थी हमारी किस्मत…

इस जीवन का साथ जो छूटा,

अगले जीवन में न होने देंगे.
सावित्री बनके हम तो,
यमराज से भी लड़ लेंगे.
न थी हमारी किस्मत ….

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Beloved Stranger

A stranger to me you seemed,
upside down my life you turned.
I was so sure of what ever i did,
now whatever you said held me captive.

I had lived my live as I thought it fit,
without the need for anyone to enter it.
But you came and swept me off my feet,
and before I knew it you became my heartbeat.

I am sure you felt the same way,
as many times you called me in a day.
Making an extremely nice nuisance of yourself,
causing me a bit of undue embarrassment.

Then one day you came suddenly,
in an agitated mood you seemed to be.
Uttering ‘I Love you’ with great elan,
you proposed with a ring in your hand.

With a gentle look you took my hand.
on the third finger the ring you placed.
The whole day I was on cloud nine ,
with visions of happy days in future time.

Our lives now together engaged,
I remember the day we were wed.
a week from valentine day exactly,
our souls that day were united eternally.

How fortunate we are indeed,
that we have found true love so sweet.
A love so true till infinity,
that all dream of constantly.

renukakkar 14.2.2011
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