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Friday, October 5, 2012

Like a puppet on a string

Her life is like that of a toy puppet,
that dances as you pull its strings. 
Her wooden body encloses a heart,
It became wooden with time,it seems.

Her emotionless eyes hide her pain,
like her body they are so lifeless.
She moves and works without any aim,
moving through life as if in a daze.

Invisible strings attached to her back,
Invisible strings are attached to her arms.
She has a heart but willpower she lacks,
Like a piece of wood she has no charms.

She dreams that one day she'll be free,
Go away by cutting strings with a knife.
Free from here how would her life be,
A loving human heart free to love imbibe.

No more a life of immense drudgery,
She will be a free person in society.
To enjoy her rights of citizenry
bondage chains will be cut permanently.

Dreams are dreams and can never become,
one has to move to make them reality.
God helps those who help themselves,
otherwise remain stuck in your inevitability.
renukakkar 05.10.2012