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Friday, January 27, 2012

Can you see me, please ?

Can you see me, please? 
I call out again and again.
There are so many people, 
but my cries seem to be in vain.

Many are sitting next to someone sleeping,
all seem to be talking in soft whispers.
My wife and my children are crying,
the rest seem to be shedding crocodile tears.

I call out again to my wife,
she does not see me at all.
What is going on it is hurting me like a knife,
why am I being ignored by all?

Suddenly she gets up and comes near, 
taking a few steps towards me.
I shout and shout but she does not hear,
This would make anyone angry you'd agree.

Some people enter and pass me by,
they almost touch me and I have no feeling.
A child walks through me without even a bye,
this scares me as to what is happening.

I glance at the sleeping figure properly,
and I get a shock of my life there.
It is me lying there dead to all and sundry,
I weep without tears wondering who am I standing here?

Realization comes and I understand who I am now,
a confused soul whose time has come to go away.
A celestial light falls on to me like at a theater show,
waiting to take me away after farewells I say.   

Wishing I could have lived my life better,
provided for my family in the limited time.
Being called back early does matter, 
For rainy days I have not saved even a dime.

I wonder what will their future be like ?
how will  they manage now I have gone?
Life is a stage we say our piece before a mike.
when our call comes many tasks are left undone.

There is nothing left for me here, 
I should not stand to ponder now.
My pondering will not get me anywhere,
they wait patiently, I should be moving somehow.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Celestial House

I was in meditation that day again,
and saw a park with little green hills.
The weather indicated fall of rain, 
the picture was completed with singing birds.

I felt as if I was in another world,
I saw a distant house I walked towards.
A strange house it looked indeed,
cautiously I moved forward.

The framework of doors and windows were visible,,
it roof was huge and white like a dome, 
Doors and windows, however seemed invisible,
celestial light it emitted and I knew I was home. 

As I came to stand before the house,
I heard chanting of Om coming from inside.
I realized that the chanting was from within, 
coming from the rooms inside.

I felt at peace upon entering 
all my aches and pains were vanishing.
Was it the house or the chanting,
that was effecting this miraculous healing.

As I walked through the doorway,
no one was there whom i could meet.
I saw a number of open doorways,
that lead into the  rooms  with chanting sweet.

Someone came toward me suddenly and stood,
dressed in a flowing white gown with a slash tight.
tears rolled down as his aura was so good,
His clothes emitted pure celestial light.

For a minute i was held spellbound,
he blessed me with raised hands.
Thereafter I do not know what happened
he vanished and I found myself in familiar surrounds.  

renukakkar 25.1.2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Death ?

Death is always watching,
it is bidding its time.
During the day observing,
not stopping even at night time.

It keeps a constant vigil,
as our life it seeks to whisk away. 
Whether in happiness or sadness or when ill,
we cannot stop it but can deter it if we pray. 

Death can take us during the day,
or it can take us during the night.
Life here is a temporary stay, 
But death  takes us for a permanent rest.

It's permanent presence,  
Is scary for us all.
It's inevitable dominance,
makes us feel like we’re made of clay balls.

Death is for everyone invisible,.
we know that for sure.
Its presence is invincible,
it will take us for sure.

Knowing when it will show its face,
can not be a guarantee.
It takes people who completed their case,
the youth and sometimes even the babies. 

Sometimes as it happens everywhere,
Death’s helpers make blunders.
For a judgement somewhere,
a wrong person is taken in slumber.

Upon the mistake being sorted out, 
the wrong person is returned.
Giving an opportunity to all about,
To see what happens when death had called.

Death is a passing phase,
to repair to rest and to be overhauled.
Before coming down in a renewed stage,
to learn life’s lessons not yet learned. 

The cycle of life and death moves continuously,
till we push to move ourselves out of it.
By learning our lessons earnestly,
so that we do not come back to relearn it.  

renukakkar 24.1.2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Will power (Believe in yourself)

Have dreams to make into reality,
use you mind to channel thoughts rightly.
Obstacles, one meets in all walks of life,
learn to deal with them with a laugh and a smile.

Winning one day and losing the next day,
from broken dreams one rises again we say. 
Rebuilding a future again from basics,
like a phoenix one should rises from the ashes.

Don't harp on your losses in life,
rebuild and try again for a better life.
People to discourage are everywhere,
pay no heed to them as they are not with you here.

Keep your head firmly on your shoulders.
even if all blame you for unforeseen blunders.
Hold on to your will power in spite of all obstacles, 
the blame game is just part of their fenders.

For the sake of their age, make some allowances, 
and the fact that they don't know your capabilities.
Trust in yourself and your work potential,
you will rise like a phoenix they will know your worthiness.

Sometimes it seems that we do not like others,
but this stems from what we dislike in ourselves. 
The realization of this fact is understood by very few,
if all understood they would be saints,it is true.

Hatred in the long run does not pay,
no matter for what reason it is allowed to hold sway.
Few realize these words of ancient seers,
pretend to know all but they never become wiser.

renukakkar 23.1.2012
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