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Friday, December 2, 2011

Head of family is lazy

Again comes Saturday and Sunday,

 work to be done though the day's a holiday.
Hey what is this? the Family Head is lazying away,
all the newspapers he is reading today.

The Home Government (wife) hands him a list,
the month long required groceries are to be bought.
But the Family Head is lazying away,
setting aside the paper, he is channel surfing all day.

Order has been given by him for chick pea and pooris,
of kidney beans with gravy and rice as well as cottage cheese delicacies. 
His wife, a servant, he has  now made,
And friends he is calling for lunch to partake.

His wife hits her forehead with her hand,
what a madman  I have by mistake wed?
Wish I could also get a job somehow, 
 bossy behaviour lessons he deserves now. 

Is it easy to do a job tell me?
the kids and the house are not easy to manage ?
Such Family Head type people are everywhere,
a voice from within was head by her.

There in office bossy attitude persists even today ,
work done by women, is done by them they say.
Multitasking is something they all make noises about,
multitasking is in reality what women do without a doubt.

God for a day please reverse the flow of the Ganges River,
let the family head become the head of the home government, Sir.
Multitasking and cooking, his headache will become,
I will read the paper or do channel surfing, then.

renukakkar 2.12.2011

AAlsi Family Head

Phir aa gaya shanivaar or ravivaar,
chutti hai office se kuch kaam kar lo yaar.
Yeah kya, family head toh sustaa rahe hai,
akhbaar pe akhbaar parhi jaa rahe hai.

Home Government ne list thama di,
raashan  maheene ka laana hai abhi.
Parantu family head to sustaa rahe hai,
akhbaar chorh, channel surfing kare jaa rahe hai.

Order de channe poori khane ka,
or rajma chawal ka, paneer pakaro ka. 
Apni biwi ko nakaur bana diya aaj hai,
Dosto ko daawat pe bulaye jaa rahe hai.

Biwi ne maathe pe haat de mara,
kaise paagal se parha hai mera pala.
Kash mein bhi naukari pe jaati, 
to is ko bossgiri ka sahi jawaab deti. 

Aasaan hai naukari pe jaana kya?
na baccho ko na ghar ko sambhal paana kya?,
Family head jaise aalsi log office mein bhi hai,
biwi ke man mein se awaaz turant aati.

Wahain bhi aise bossgiri karte honge,
auraut ke kaam ko apna kaam bolte hoge.
Multi tasking ki barhi barhi baate karte hai,
auraut hi multitasking sachmuch karti hai.

Bagavan ek din ke liye ulti ganga baha do,
family head ko home government bana do.
phir mai baethungi akhbaar parhne yeh chanal surfing karte,
multitasking or khana banana sab vo sambhale. 

renukakkar 2.12.2011

For you

Keep the flame of your longings awake,
in life a name for yourself please do make. 
Your sad face does not look good make it bright. 
bring a small smile, laughter in your life.

If this life had been happy always. 
I would have sought and obtained self blessings. 
We say all people are our kith and kin, 
but never ever does this happen. 

I want so much for you, 
to stop time if i had power to so do. 
Give all my dreams for you, 
if need be to give my life for you.  

Each second is beautiful for me today,
in my heart i see your face there only. 
Let the worldly wise think what they want I do not care,
not their company but I need your company and care.

Life is not in our hands,
we all know these facts.
If you cannot come at least promise to do so,
i will life my life waiting for you. 

I sneezed non stop just now,
it seems some one remembered me.
Tell me is it the truth or is it a dream ?
I feel that that you remembered me.

One day from this waiting i will get relief, 
my heart will swell up with eternal peace. 
I pass my days and nights in your memories, 
Are you also passing your time in my memories?


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tumhare liye


Apne dil mein armaan jagaye rakhana,
zindagi mein apni pachan banaye rakhana. 
Udas surat acchi nahi lagati tumhari. 
kuch pal hoto pe le aao thori si hansi .

Yeh zindagi agar hameshein hasin hoti 
kudh se duva mangane se vo kabul hoti. 
Hum kehate hein sab apne hai, 
parantu aisa kabhi kya hota nai. 

Tumhare liye hum chahate hein, 
rook de samay ko agar vo ho bus mein. 
Nichavor kar de apne sapne sabi, 
tumhare liye jaan bhi de dein apni.  

Aaj ke liye her pal khubsaroot hai,
dil mein siraf tumhari surat hai. 
Dunyia wale kuch bhi samjhe koi gum nahi, 
dunyia walo ki nahi humae tumhari zaroorat hai.

Zindagi apne bas mein hoti nahi,
yeah hum acchi tarah jante hai.
Tum na aa sako to bus aane ka vada kar do,
hum intezaar mein jee lenge tum dekh lo. 

Cheenkoin ki lahar chali abhi,
kisi ne yaad kiya hume laga tabhi.
Kya ye haqikat hai khwab to nahi ?
hume aysas hua yaad karne wale ho tum hi? 

Kabhi intazaar ke palou se chootkara hoga, 
dil mein sakoon ka ayasas hoga. 
Guzarte kaise din raat yadou mein, tumhe mehasos hoga, 
kya tumhe bhi hamara intazaar hoga ?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Families we all have who shower their love on us,
the love remains steady even when we behave like idiots.
Sometimes we are boring, lazy or extremely bad, 
in spite of all this our families love us which seems sad.

We cannot chose our families like we chose friends,
but sometimes family members look like odds and ends.
There are some common things among them and us.
we may not admit but our families mould our lives.

We might end up looking like our great grandfathers,
having personalities of our great uncles.
We might have eccentricities like our granduncles,
and be called as similar family black sheeps.

If we ever ever feel mad with our families and want to run,
we should think before assigning them to our mind's dustbin.
Ask those who have no family,how much alone they are.
families are not made with an exchange offer. 

renukakkar 29.11.2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What does my future hold for me ?

What does my future hold for me?
I wish I could get to know.
My past goes with me,
where ever i want to go.
The best years of my life,
are  perhaps gone for ever.
But in my memories of life,
they live on for ever.

My friends and dear ones are no more with me,
but they are ever young in my memories.
Their pictures will for ever stay with me,
as long as i retain those memories.
When ever I feel the need,
to talk to them.
All I have to do indeed,
is to my mind recall them.

As of now it is the present,  
that is what is most important now.
The memories were of past,
and a new day begins as the sun rises tomorrow.
Giving me a fresh new page to write on,
all new memories for the future.
I have to live in the present and in the now,
before my time comes some day in future.

I will build my memories again,
adding new and better ones every day.
Ensuring that I become a better person,
than I was yesterday.
My own betterment,
is a spiritual upward pathway.
Striving for excellence,
is the lesson of my destiny. 

renukakkar 27.11.2011