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Monday, September 19, 2011

A special person

You ask me what is troubling me
what do I keep thinking always.
Just what the future hold for you and me
that's what occupies my mind most days.

I think of you all the time
I think it is time now to tell you.
Being around you makes me smile
my life's aim is to be besides you. 

When you enter the room i feel happy
a light from within shines bright.
The happiness reflects  outwardly 
my soul feels at peace alright.

I am happy when I’m with you
and sad when we are apart.
Now all I have left to do
inform you are entrenched in my heart.

You make me feel  happy all the while
you make me smile all the time.
You make me feel so  special 
the way you treat me even if it for a short time.

It was inevitable though I should have been aware
you are such a considerate person dear and true.
It happened all of a sudden when I was unaware
could not help myself and fell in love with you. 

renukakkar 17.9.2011