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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring is in the air

Gloomy grey skies turn to a calmer blue, 
snow disappears from ground giving a clue.
Winter is going soon this fact  is conveyed.
we should welcome spring that is definite.

Chirping of the birds is heard everywhere
flowers disperse their fragrance in the air.
My bad mood lifts and now I want to sing,
at long last around the corner is spring. 

Flower buds are coming everywhere
pink and white buds on trees are here.
The entire atmosphere is awakening,
putting away the white quilt is was wearing.

Grasses and trees are also becoming green,
brown grass of winter is not to be seen.
Like the entire environment is waking up,
we should throw sad thoughts and get up.

We all rejoice seeing spring’s great delight,
Forgiving and forgetting those with behavior slight. 
As our minds and our bodies completely revive, 
every spring makes us glad we’re still alive.

renukakkar 1.2.2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Seasons and life

Spring time see flowers bloom,
spreading fragrance and delight.
To wilt and die after some time,
merging with the earth without a sigh.

Different blossoms summer brings,
ones withstanding adverse conditions.
like the beads strung  in a string, 
wilting and dying as per their traditions.  

The rains come mostly as the monsoon,
bringing all around lush green development.
Nature cleans all with its mops and broom,
overflowing rivers and new streams movement.  

Autumn time brings falling leaves,
swept and gathered together in piles.
flames engulf them helped by breeze,
turning them all into fine ashes

Winter month makes all trees bare,
still some are green with needle leaves.
Giving us the loving Christmas trees,
and some pine cones as dried fruit bearers.

Like nature and its served wear,
we should change our attitude. 
Burn the past embracing the future,
spread love compassion and gratitude.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is work for some

Many people pretend to work,
But very few actually work.
The rest of them hardly work,
Pushing files is doing work.

In front of the computer they sit,
busy working on the elusive target.
But in actual fact they surf the net,
Switching tabs from site to site.

Surfing tabs is so fast you see,
boss hardly realizes your strategy.
You close one tab opening another, 
movement is so fast there is no bother.

You buy that Nintendo for your son,
and a few books from
Played magic marbles and scrabble,
without your boss getting any wiser.

Then off to facebook you take a peep,
Harvesting on Farmville buying sheep.
They have English Farm and Cityville too,
games on Facebook, you play them too.

Boss sees that you are unduly busy,
he checks from the control suspiciously.
The next day you can’t access the net link, 
you tube and games now are drawing blank. 

They say a program had been devised,
Surfing of net aimlessly is now stopped.
All spare time is now spent gossiping.
all talk about their bosses shortcomings.

People now do not pretend to work,
they now actually have to do  work.
The ones who had never done any work,
are writing on files and pushing work.

renukakkar 29.1.2012