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Friday, February 11, 2011

Birds outside my window

Letting in the Sun's rays upon opening my window,
but mountains i do not see covered in snow.
Only thing visible is a grey sky and a miserly sun,
telling people indirectly that morning has begun.

Chirping of the birds sitting on the bird table,
built two years ago with wood and cables.
Partaking of the food and water set out for them,
is a sight that would delight many a human.

The birds are a few swallows, wrens and crows,
pigeons and house birds can also be assured.
Sometimes parrots and bulbuls come a visiting,
It is a delight to see them eating and drinking.

There is such a commotion outside the window,
sometimes to see them i let time go slow.
When i see them eating their food with speed,
all worries from my mind get discarded indeed.
I remember, a bird table my father had made on the terrace,
not here but in my home town where life is at a slow pace.
early morning the birds were up even when slightly dark,
telling all and sundry that one should get up with the lark.

Some of that peaceful slow life i brought with me,
setting it here so that i wouldn't feel homesick you see.
I miss the mountains, the vales and the terraces,
here life is hectic, not as i knew it as slow paces.

William H Davies lamented in his poem ' leisure',
which he seems to have written in pleasure.
'What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare'.

renukakkar 28.12.2010

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