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Friday, February 11, 2011

A shattered Dream

It is hard for me to believe,
that you are about to leave.
We were meant to be together,
they all said made for each other.

You have found another,
my love for you is now a bother.
My heart is breaking,
my dream of a future is ending.

Was there something in me that was at fault ?
or the promises made by you were fraud?
Love is suppose to last eternally,
but for you it seems to be momentary.

I will let you go away anyway,
It is not that I would like you to stay.
It is not for me to hold you against your will,
binding you to me with promises.

Tell me now,how do I live without you?
as you have been my life for a few years too.
I had been dreaming of a future with you,
the center stage to be occupied by you.

I can not blame you for anything you see,
as around you I had built my world to be.
You are free to go where your heart takes you,
your happiness lies with the likes of you.

It is good that you have shown to me,
and identified the inner self that makes you be.
Had this happened if we were man and wife,
it would have been akin to a wound being tampered with a knife.
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  1. When he is with you he promises not to leave, but he does and forgets everything like using a tissue.

  2. thanks, that is the general idea of the poem