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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Should I go back?

Life takes us along a set course,
our choices our decisions made.
But sometimes we meet a reckoning force,
taunting and declaring them to be a fake.

I left the restaurant that day,
with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart.
The memories of a dear one do not fade away,
they stay entrenched as if never to depart.

Years passed by living on my own,
but the heart was constantly being pulled.
Reminding all  the times that have gone,
in the company of someone I loved.

For years I thought to return,
to the place where my memories were contained.
To visit places that were of both our concern,
Is a question that haunted my mind.

I walked alone as a traveler on the road of time,
under the cover of the rainy skies.
Should i turn back, with a smile ?
I wondered as I inwardly cried.

I had left thinking her dead,
leaving my town my world and my love behind.
Knowing her to be alive was a God sent,
As before does she wait for me eagerly lifting the window blind?

renukakkar 27.12.2011