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Thursday, February 10, 2011

To be a cloud

I wish I could be up in the sky,
like the clouds that seem to fly.
To me they seem weightless in flight,
and to see them is  indeed a delight.

Like them I would  be afloat,
over the  oceans  with ships and boats.
I would travel over many lands,
without visas or passport in my hands.

The sun’s rays I would reflect,
the rainbow colours I would select.
Cast them on the lands below,
At dawn and dusk with shimmering glow.

Those air borne and in dangerous plight,
 my direction would show their path of flight.
Carrying the oceans in my arms as steam,
I’d release ther as droplets for rivers and streams.

A path to heaven I would ensure,
For the souls with hearts so ever pure.
So what If heaven is not yet for me,
God grant that this cloud I could be.

Renukakkar, Nov. 2010

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