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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spiritual Being

While meditating or often in my dreams,
I behold someone approach gliding it seems.
A kind spiritual being for sure is he,
The likes of which in reality I have yet to see.

He glides amongst the stars you see,
Planets and stars pass him and me.
The milky way is seen on one side,
And new worlds from old are forming by divide.

His clothes are made of glowing bright white,
his gown and slash emits celestial light.
Flowing silvery white beard and similar hair,
a crocked white stick he strikes here and there.

In front of me this tall thin spiritual being stands,
With a smile he blesses me with raised hands.
with emotion and devotion my eyes fill with tears,
and the white light is too strong to bear.

From where he came he quietly recedes,
the huge darkness of space I again perceive.
I come out of my dreams or meditation,
with a sense of loss and dejection.

When I think of the event of my vision,
looking for an answer becomes my mission.
Who is this spiritual being with kindness and light?
God, Archangel or spiritual guide with aura so bright?

Renukakkar, 28 th Nov. 2010 


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