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Friday, February 11, 2011

Caring friends

Snow White was banished to the forest,
her stepmother envied her beauty and health robust.
Told never to return to the palace,
she was asked to make her home in the wilderness.

Found she 7 dwarfs whom she befriended,
so loving and caring were these little defenders.
She in turn kept their cottage neat and clean,
like a sister looks after her sibling clan.

After many years her stepmother found her
and used poison in comb and an apple to kill her.
Her defenders removed the comb from her hair,
but from the throat, they could not dare.

put in a glass casket she looked sleeping,
her friends her defenders stood always guarding.
Lifting of the casket by the prince awoke her,
her friends let her go realized her happiness was before her.

We should also be like Snow White and her friends,
helping and caring for each other without thinking of gains.
In letting friends go their way lies our happiness,
restricting and clipping wings is making them flightless.
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