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Friday, May 4, 2012

Life is not always full of melancholy

I sat in my room pondering,
my life's direction I was wondering.
Thinking that life is now quite static,
is it really suppose to be like this?

I rise on the tide of success one day,
promptly falling to the ground later I say.
Sometimes life happily pulls me up, 
throwing me later as if a discarded cup.

Life is never plain sailing and easy,
but life so heartless is indeed a pity.
One struggles through impending doom,
creating happiness in the surrounding gloom.

God gives on one hand without my asking,
taking away something from the other without telling.
My expectations perhaps make me gloomy,
Life is not always full of melancholy.

Just my way of making noise,
calling attention so I can enjoy.
happiness and sadness two sides of a coin.
Like rain comes and then there is sunshine.

renukakkar 4.5.2012