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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new world of love

A new world is being spun for you and me,
a new invisible bond is being created you can see.
Pulling me towards a future I do not know,
fearing barbs of society I cautiously go.
My soul is pulled with an invisible thread,
such bonds like this are to last it is said.
Two lonely persons we are surely,
destiny brought us together truly.
A monopoly on love youngsters claim,
late stage love a hogwash they proclaim.
It is their birthright youngsters shout,
Cupid can strike anyone without a doubt.
True love is self sacrificing and understanding,
loved one being placed in glow of unconditional loving.
A prayer in the heart for the well being of the other,
no matter at what cost to the individual seeker.
True love is for those with hearts of gold,
it is not at all reckless like the love stories of old.
That is what in my heart I seek for you,
us coming together is secondary it is true.
Life’s journey we shall face together,
Taking joint decisions on our remaining future.
Though love came to us in the autumn of our lives,
inwardly we know that it will truly survive.
Set in our ways we are for sure,
but love makes us want to live as before.
Together we have made our plans,
let’s see what God for us ordains.
renukakkar 6.3.2011