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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Haiku-Life's Journey

1. Feeling trapped in time, looking to escape the situation. A frog leaps to freedom.
2. Darkness engulfs my thoughts makes me more and more melancholic. Find a lit lamp to scatter light.
3. We all have problems Life is nothing but lessons to be learned Lessons not learned will need to be re-learnt.
4.Walk with me in the park A learning experience it will be Each plant will tell a different story.
5. The sea makes a sound As waves dash against the shores A sea shell captures all within.
renukakkar28.10.2016 Copyright@ 2016

A Prayer

God take me back into your flock, Negativeness put on me a mental block. Please help me to keep it in lock, So that it cannot against me knock. My mission I will duly complete, That which you chalked for me. I solemnly promise thee, Never will my footsteps leave. Do cleanse my soul I pray, drive these dark clouds away. Your light will show me the way, To do what my calling is for today. I saw you a few years ago it seems, Perhaps it was like an unfinished dream. You glided among the stars which beam, Light from you and your heavenly realm. A pure soul was I indeed then, I wish to experience that vision again. The layers of negativeness enclosed me within. I wish to break free from this earthly din. I still recall you in your gown of white, Which emitted celestial light. On the milky way did you glide, Your eyes were so clear and bright. You blessed me with raised hands, To me you did not say any words. On return I was rendered in deep thoughts, Who had I met in my meditation or dreams? God take me back into your flock, Negativeness put on me a mental block. Please help me to keep it in lock, So that it cannot against me knock. renukakkar31.10.2016 Copyright@2016

Flight Of Fancy

My fate for me had ensured, Traveler's foot and explorers galore. I took a fancy to explore new lands, My spirit soared for newer plans. Flying I was, with the ocean spread below, Blue skies and the sun above did glow. The clouds outside were my partners in flight, My co-passengers had slept to my delight. With wings on his shoulders and a wand by his side, a child like figure appeared outside, Is he real or is he a dream? Such thoughts in me started to frame. The child- like angel told me to step out, I rubbed my eyes as I had a doubt. He beckoned again for me to try, To leave my body and attempt to fly. I did not know how to and I think he understood, His hand came through and my hand he took. Gently leading me out of the window pane, To my surprise, I stood by the plane. On the clouds, I glided with ease Flying with my angel in heavenly bliss. Soon it started to become dark, My angel told me its time to depart. I stood outside the window pane looking in, All passengers were sleeping and snoring within. The angel told me to glide back in, Soon I was again in me looking at him. Now I go to someone who needs me, Never forget that this is how to be. The past has done and gone let it rest, Live in present to harness a future that's best. renukakkar18.10.2016 Copyright@2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Ponderings

Some friends are miles apart from me,
But in my heart they are always in view.
Childhood went and so did college,
Job & family are challenges new. 

A face remembered here or a name,
the face & name sometimes don't align.
It is said memories do fade with time,   
It is a blessing when the two combine.

We all have to live in the present, 
Time passes and goes by very fast.  
Neither worrying for imminent future 
nor hankering for the gone past

Tomorrow as the sun rises,
A new chapter begins for me. 
I ponder over my achievements,
work done and work yet not done.

Not in the materialistic way, 
I am sure you would agree.
Not in the way of popularity,
for me it is not a necessity.

Spiritual healing, is now my life,
to help heal and teach others to heal.
To remain cool and free from strife,
Thus achieve the progress spiritual.

What there after, you would enquire,
Even I do not know, it's just my call.
I am no saint and I am no seer,
A better person I want me to ensure.

renukakkar 28.11.2015

Harbingers Of Bad Tidings

Harbingers of bad tidings are Aspersions and Doubts, 
Creating a distorted mind full of angry clouds.
Doubts leave painful scars on our souls,
Relegating to the background our cherished goals.
leaving one with blurred vision and unshed tears,
Future goes haywire when such a situation appears.
Sadness engulfs the tortured soul,
no bright light is there for it to flow.
Soul feels lost when harsh words are told,
It gets stifled by such callous hold.
Looking for a way to prove its innocence,
untruth becomes truth and truth is nonsense.

At the crossroad of time the soul stands,
what should it do, to its higher self it asks?
Look within and your strength you find,
emotionally you have already been fined.
Walk away slowly from the situation,
an evolving being need not give explanation.

Promise breakers Aspersioners and doubters,
from set goals try to derail you into dark clouds.
Truth is truth and truth will always hold its own,
untruth hold sway will one day be gone.
Like a phoenix you will rise again,
Into your own glory to forever rein.
renukakkar 15.10.2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015


My smiles hide my tears,
people take me for granted.
My laughter hides my fears.
That I may not be again fleeced.

I have always been happy,
taking whatever comes in life.
But I have found out sadly,
Friends carry with them a knife. 

In troubled times help theyneed, 
be it in cash or in kind.
When similar help is my need,
there is no cash to find.

I have finally learnt my lessons,
I learnt them the hard way.
You pay heed to my words,
keep loan seekers a mile away.

Such sharks are all over the world,
On your trust they do thrive.
Never trust till you're sure as gold,
otherwise you'll be less alive.

Nobody will now know me,
henceforth, I will wear a mask.
Such cheats in life do not trick me,
with talks of hard times & grandeur lost.

Now I practice my mask,
in the mirror with my smiles.
My shields no one can break,
which hides me behind my smiles.

renukakkar 10.07.2015

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Let us put a price tag on words,
priceless would be their costs.

With compassion when uttered, 
bringing peace and ending wars.

Listen to the words of God,
which are very  precious indeed.
The words are not from surround,
But the heart where god does reside.

Harsh words uttered by relations,
hurt us but they are for  our reforms.
listen not to the spoken harsh tones,
but the message conveyed within its folds.

Words spoken by friends, near and dear,
are straight from the heart and very clear.
wellness at heart they hold never doubt or fear,

your problems they share by lending an ear.

Many lessons in life do words teach,
Through words we experience defeat.
through words we grow and spiritually reach
But no words are there when we are at peace.

renukakkar 21.08.2014
Copyright @2014