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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why am I here?

Sometimes sitting in a thoughtful mood,
I ask myself my purpose here,
Searching within for an answer good,
the reply of which is not very clear.
When i sit in a thoughtful mood,
I ask again who am I?
Searching within for an answer good,
i get an amazing reply.
Then i ask pondering over my life,
wanting to know what lies ahead.
Looking within there is always strife,
between the self good and bad.
I still ponder about my fate.
and the answer I get from within me,
You have time and so wait,
future unfolds slowly to be.
Then I think about trying situations,
wondering why it was always me.
We are but prisoners of our actions,
that culminate in us facing tragedy.
As I continue to meditate more,
understanding of giving of different stuff.
Anyone can give of materials things and score,
the real giver* is one who gives of himself.
I continue to ask within and pray,
why I came here and where will I go?
The answer comes as a flashing ray,
giving me glimpses of what l should do.
Suddenly everything becomes very clear,
my time here will be done one day.
With clarity I see the ending and hear,
leaving the body my soul will fly away.
I am just passing time here learning,
lessons that I did not properly learn.
After my lessons are learnt of giving,
my soul to stars and heaven will return.
* The chapter of  ’giving’ in the book, ‘The Prophet’ written by Khalil Gibran
renukakkar 20.03.2011