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Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricket Fever

It is now the turn for cricket fever in Mumbai,
all routes are heading towards Wankhede.
People big and small are heading there too,
in this race are politicians and big wigs it is true.

All supporters will be cheering their teams,
viewers will also come from across the seas.
Presidents of participating countries will come to view,
and support their respective countries too.

Like in Chandigarh the place will be a fortress,
offices to be closed to avoid further stress.
Movements in and out of the city restricted,
security is declared to be high alerted.

More policemen on roads it is true,
to keep a check on the crowds and for security too.
Special guards and commandos will be assured,
for Cricket diplomacy as a success to ensure.

renukakkar 01.04.2011