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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Roads and Destination

Roads are there and so is the destination, 

but darkness has made invisible my direction. 

How do i reach my destination, 
I cannot see any clear direction. 

I have to reach my destination somehow, 
it is my life's last resting place you know. 

Don't delay God please don't delay, 
sand slips from hands let not time slip away. 

God please shed some light, 
if not of sun's light then of moonlight. 

 God help me in my road clearly to see, 
if you cannot take me then bring my destination to me. 


रास्ते और मंज़िल

मंज़िल है और राहें भी हैं,
पर राहॊं में घौर अँधेरे हैं.

हम मंज़िल तक जाए तो कैसे,
दिखाई नहीं देते हमें स्वच्छ रास्ते.

किसी तरहं वहाँ हमें जाना है,
हमारे जीवन का वहाँ अंतिम ठिकाना है.

देर न हो जाए भगवन देर न हो जाए,
रेत की तरहं समय हाथ से न निकल जाए.

हे रब्बा हमारे रास्तो पर करो रौशनी,
सूरज की न हो तो चाँद की करो चाँदनी.

मद्दत कर दे रब्बा हमारे मार्ग स्वच्छ कर दे,
हमें नहीं लेजाना तो मंज़िल यहाँ ला दे.

renukakkar 28.5.2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

For Babies--To Live

We humans have a tendency 

to cry at the tiniest of a tragedy.

Like the loss of a loved one to another,

a promotion being usurped by another. 

Imagine hospitals with little babies, 

who have not even started their lives. 

Having to undergo numerous treatments, 

like Chemos and various levels of radiations. 

There are still others with deformities, 

who have to undergo corrective surgeries. 

They bravely under go so much pain, 

while we howl the loudest in vain. 

There are still others with gene mutations 

for which there are no corrections. 

Each breath has to be measured, 

A year passes for each step to be achieved. 

Intelligent minds are trapped in such bodies, 

communication to them is a search for possibilities. 

We are living in our own world selfishly,

thinking our sorrows and sufferings utmostly.

renukakkar 26.5.2011