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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Shadow

My companion since childhood,
by me she has always stood.
I walk with a straight posture,
always sleeping is its behavior.

Her aim is to try and defeat me,
to reach every place before me.
Though she knows she is tied to me,
but she searches for her own identity.

Maybe hassled with my habits,
She looks for a place new to inhabit.
Compared to my life which is scattered,
The life of others seems uncluttered.

I wish it could have been possible,
to set her free for her searchable.
I would have lived my life alone,
And she would have lived her own.

A shadow is a shadow,
God’s rules it has to follow.
We are tied together presently,
The time for freedom is not yet to be.

When that time comes,
The day of reckoning will come.
Freedom from each other to achieve,
And resolve go our separate ways I believe.

renukakkar 17.01.2011
Copyright © 2011

Invisible friend

Together into this world we came,
we lost each other in life's game.

As children we played together,
life's problems broke our pair forever.

I was a good invisible friend,
for a visible person indeed a best friend.

Days of our childhood we lost somewhere,
we, dear friends,got separated from each other.

Time does not take long to come back again,
Full circle and we face memories of childhood again.

Layer of negativeness is removed and realization drawn,
but for some this stage comes when time is extremely gone.

Very few people meet their souls face to face,
if only we'd listened and cared for our inner self.
renukakkar 4.1.2011
Copyright © 2011

A shattered Dream

It is hard for me to believe,
that you are about to leave.
We were meant to be together,
they all said made for each other.

You have found another,
my love for you is now a bother.
My heart is breaking,
my dream of a future is ending.

Was there something in me that was at fault ?
or the promises made by you were fraud?
Love is suppose to last eternally,
but for you it seems to be momentary.

I will let you go away anyway,
It is not that I would like you to stay.
It is not for me to hold you against your will,
binding you to me with promises.

Tell me now,how do I live without you?
as you have been my life for a few years too.
I had been dreaming of a future with you,
the center stage to be occupied by you.

I can not blame you for anything you see,
as around you I had built my world to be.
You are free to go where your heart takes you,
your happiness lies with the likes of you.

It is good that you have shown to me,
and identified the inner self that makes you be.
Had this happened if we were man and wife,
it would have been akin to a wound being tampered with a knife.
Copyright © 2011

अदृश्य दोस्त

हम दोनों तो आए थे साथ साथ दुनिया में,
हमारा साथ कही छूट गया जिन्दगी की दौड़ में.

साथ साथ खेले थे हम दोनों बचपन में,
तोड़ा साथ हमारा जिन्दगी के झमेले ने.

एक अच्छा अदृश्य दोस्त था मैं,
दृश्य व्यक्ति का पक्का साथी था मैं.

खो गए वो दिन बचपन के हमारे,
एक दूसरे से अलग हो गए हम दोस्त प्यारे.

समय गुज़रते देर नहीं लगाती है,
परिक्रमा पूरी होते ही समय पलटता है.

जमी हुई कालक की परत एक दिन हटती है,
परन्तु कुछ लोगों के लिए यह समय बहुत देर करता है.

कुछ लोग रु ब रु होते हैं अपनी आत्मा से,
काश हम रखते उस बचपन के दोस्त को ध्यान से.
renukakkar 4.2.2011
Copyright © 2011


साथी है बचपन से मेरी,
साथ मेरे हमेशा रहती.
मैं चलती हूँ सीधे हो कर,
वह चलती है हमेशा सो का.

कोशिश है उसकी मुझे हराना,
मेरे पहले खुद को पहुंचना.
बंधी हुई है मुझ से वह यह जानती ,
अपनी नई पहचान को ढूँढ़ती

शायद परेशान मेरी आदतों से,
अपने लिए ढूँढ़ती है कोई ठिकाने से.
मेरी अलग थलग जिन्दगी सी,
औरों की जिन्दगी लगे उसे सम्बIली सी.

काश ऐसा हो पता कभी,
उसे मैं जाने देती तभी.
अपनी जिन्दगी खुद जी लेती,
वह भी और मैं भी.

परछाई तो परछाई है,
अलग ज़ीने का दस्तूर नहीं.
हम दोनों को बंदे रहना है अभी,
रिहाई का समय अभी आया नहीं.

जब वों समय आ जाएगा,
तब रिहाई का दिन हो जाएगा.
एक दूसरे से मुक्त होंगे हम,
जाएगी अपने अपने रास्ते हम.
renukakkar 16.1.2011
 Copyright © 2011

जिन्दगी के पन्ने

जिन्दगी  के पन्ने पलटते ही सोचते हैं,
पलट जाए जिन्दगी तो क्या बात है.

गुज़रा मय आता कभी नहीं,
लौट आए कभी तो क्या बात है.

फिर से जी लेंगे अपनी जिन्दगी,
चहका करेंगे फिर से तो क्या बात है.

 गलतियों को सुधार लेंगे हम भी,

अच्छा समय मिल जाए तो क्या बात है.

ख़्वाबों में मिलने वाले हैं जो कोई,
हकीकत में फिर से मिल जाए तो क्या बात  है.

जो हमारे हैं, वह हमारे पास ही हैं,
दिल से बाहर आ जाए तो क्या बात है.

जो चले गए, वह हमारे पास नहीं हैं,
उन्हें सोचने से बात कोई ती  नहीं है.

ख्वाब तो ख्वाब होते ही हैं,
हकीकत बन जाए तो क्या बात है.
रेनू कक्कर  24.01.2011
Copyright © 2011

Caring friends

Snow White was banished to the forest,
her stepmother envied her beauty and health robust.
Told never to return to the palace,
she was asked to make her home in the wilderness.

Found she 7 dwarfs whom she befriended,
so loving and caring were these little defenders.
She in turn kept their cottage neat and clean,
like a sister looks after her sibling clan.

After many years her stepmother found her
and used poison in comb and an apple to kill her.
Her defenders removed the comb from her hair,
but from the throat, they could not dare.

put in a glass casket she looked sleeping,
her friends her defenders stood always guarding.
Lifting of the casket by the prince awoke her,
her friends let her go realized her happiness was before her.

We should also be like Snow White and her friends,
helping and caring for each other without thinking of gains.
In letting friends go their way lies our happiness,
restricting and clipping wings is making them flightless.
Copyright © 2011

Pages of life

As i turn the pages of the book of my life,
thinking if it reverses how nice would it be?
Time that has gone does not come again,
but if it comes back how nice would it be?

I would live again moments of my life,
merrily indeed how nice it would it be?
I would correct all the mistakes i made,
good times i will get how nice would it be?

The person i meet in my dreams always,
if i meet him again in real how nice would it be?
The one who is mine is within my heart,
if he comes into reality how nice would it be?

The one who has gone is not mine,
thinking of him would not conducive be?
A dream is a dream and will always be,
but if it becomes a reality how nice would it be?

renukakkar 9.1.2011
Copyright © 2011

Window in the sky

Look there is a window in the sky
if I had wings to it I would surely fly.
The window looks quite ordinary
but I am sure it is extraordinary.

No one has ever seen such a sight
we all must not think of taking flight.
With courage we must surely face
and show to them our development pace.

Who could have set up such a window?
through which we can see only our side of the show.
Is some being trying to tell us something ?
an image of what our world is by showing.

Definitely a mirror for some and a window for others
showing us all our past crimes and misdemeanors.
With amends what we could make ourselves be
where life is taking us with our own eyes we must see.

Do not consider it as a time portal
to travel into the future and past to unravel.
It is indeed a mirror of our soul reflecting
our thoughts in the sky we are projecting.
Copyright © 2011

Birds outside my window

Letting in the Sun's rays upon opening my window,
but mountains i do not see covered in snow.
Only thing visible is a grey sky and a miserly sun,
telling people indirectly that morning has begun.

Chirping of the birds sitting on the bird table,
built two years ago with wood and cables.
Partaking of the food and water set out for them,
is a sight that would delight many a human.

The birds are a few swallows, wrens and crows,
pigeons and house birds can also be assured.
Sometimes parrots and bulbuls come a visiting,
It is a delight to see them eating and drinking.

There is such a commotion outside the window,
sometimes to see them i let time go slow.
When i see them eating their food with speed,
all worries from my mind get discarded indeed.
I remember, a bird table my father had made on the terrace,
not here but in my home town where life is at a slow pace.
early morning the birds were up even when slightly dark,
telling all and sundry that one should get up with the lark.

Some of that peaceful slow life i brought with me,
setting it here so that i wouldn't feel homesick you see.
I miss the mountains, the vales and the terraces,
here life is hectic, not as i knew it as slow paces.

William H Davies lamented in his poem ' leisure',
which he seems to have written in pleasure.
'What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare'.

renukakkar 28.12.2010

Copyright © 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A magical Christmas Tree

No money for a christrmas tree,
David's mother said before christmas eve.
Many bills there are she said,
which have soon to be paid.

David a boy of 9 years reached the woods,
some distance from his house and in wonder he stood.
Fir trees a plenty he there found,
some big some small all around.

But how to cut one he stood in thought,
the axe was big so he had not brought.
under a fir tree which had less snow,
beneath it he sat nice and slow.

There were some twigs lying around,
he picked up one to strike the ground.
Suddenly a small old man in white appeared,
having a tapering hat and a long beard.

He did not look like Santa but was kind,
David felt that help he now would find.
To get a fir tree home real fast,
and surprise his mom at last.

His story to the stranger he told in detail,
the stranger said he would help without fail.
A small tree nearby he told David to pull and see,
this little tree will follow you home you see.

David had never heard of this before,
magical things happen to good children for sure.
The little tree he tied with a string,
so that towards home it be following.

Being a good boy the stranger he thanked,
a story like this no one would have heard.
Some bells followed him home ringing,
as if a message they were singing.

Reaching home he straightened the tree,
He was taken by surprise at what all he could see.
The tree grew big and had a glow,
like the one beneath which he had sat slow.

By magic the tree got itself decorated,
with lights,presents, balls and anything imaginative.
he heard bells from behind the tree,
Rudolf the reindeer of Santa he could see.

A very happy child that day was David,
when his mother saw the tree he had decorated.
Miracles happen for the nice and good,
Christmas time is indeed when it should.

renu kakkar 24.12.2010
Copyright © 2010

In your memory

My thoughts go to you when I am alone,
a smile lights up my face on its own.
Like a flower bud that is opening,
with great zeal to see what is happening.

You always treated life in a jovial manner,
I start to laugh when I kind of remember.
Upon getting annoyed with you on any discussion,
you'd say you wanted to have with me an altercation.

Your would want to be different on every occasion,
home made delicacies instead of sweets for distribution.
The loss of a loved one many lament their whole life,
remaining unhappy would not be fitting for a jovial man's wife.

Laughingly once you had, a friend described,
who spoke to the photo of his loving wife.
I has asked then that if I go before you,
would you not speak to my photo too?

I remember that you would keep family photos with you,
whenever misplaced a ruckus would be created by you.
Before you would be carrying photos now I carry too,
only difference being my carrying one when you carried a few.

On the crossroads of life when i seek the right path,
an answer comes to me from within my heart.
The loss of a loved one many lament their whole life,
remaining unhappy would not be fitting for a jovial man's wife.

renukakkar 22.12.2010

Spiritual Being

While meditating or often in my dreams,
I behold someone approach gliding it seems.
A kind spiritual being for sure is he,
The likes of which in reality I have yet to see.

He glides amongst the stars you see,
Planets and stars pass him and me.
The milky way is seen on one side,
And new worlds from old are forming by divide.

His clothes are made of glowing bright white,
his gown and slash emits celestial light.
Flowing silvery white beard and similar hair,
a crocked white stick he strikes here and there.

In front of me this tall thin spiritual being stands,
With a smile he blesses me with raised hands.
with emotion and devotion my eyes fill with tears,
and the white light is too strong to bear.

From where he came he quietly recedes,
the huge darkness of space I again perceive.
I come out of my dreams or meditation,
with a sense of loss and dejection.

When I think of the event of my vision,
looking for an answer becomes my mission.
Who is this spiritual being with kindness and light?
God, Archangel or spiritual guide with aura so bright?

Renukakkar, 28 th Nov. 2010 



As the sun rises every day spreading its warmth and light,
build your character every day with good thoughts, attitude, deeds and forsight.
Like the sun your warmth will spread to all creatures small and great,
people will come to you thinking you are God's messenger or saint.

It is said that god helps those who help themselves,
sometimes god wants you to help less fortunate selves.
For them you become a becon of light,
to solve their problems without a sigh or fright.

You see god sometimes assigns us duties,
leaving it to us to fix these as per priorities.
You must see that everyone cannot be chosen,
chosen are those he knows will handle any situation.

renukakkar 20 Dec.2010 


To be a cloud

I wish I could be up in the sky,
like the clouds that seem to fly.
To me they seem weightless in flight,
and to see them is  indeed a delight.

Like them I would  be afloat,
over the  oceans  with ships and boats.
I would travel over many lands,
without visas or passport in my hands.

The sun’s rays I would reflect,
the rainbow colours I would select.
Cast them on the lands below,
At dawn and dusk with shimmering glow.

Those air borne and in dangerous plight,
 my direction would show their path of flight.
Carrying the oceans in my arms as steam,
I’d release ther as droplets for rivers and streams.

A path to heaven I would ensure,
For the souls with hearts so ever pure.
So what If heaven is not yet for me,
God grant that this cloud I could be.

Renukakkar, Nov. 2010