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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Fragrance in the Air

Christmas fragrance is in the air

Christmas fragrance is in the air,

As Christmas time is very near.

Time to now to spread Christmas cheer,

Lend a helping hand or lend an ear.

I sit alone  by the Christmas tree
,All are asleep so here it is only me.
There is a strange stillness in the air,
I think about my life sitting here.
Remembering Christmas's of the past,
Wondering why they passed so fast.
Not many years ago a Child was I,
Presents of mine I would gleefully spy.
Now, my children are all grown,
I am thankful that today they are home.
Christmas will come and Christmas will go,
Real presents is having them by me so.
As one moves ahead with time you see,
Spreading kindness and love is indeed free.
A smile to light up a face that is sad,
will earn you a good deed it is said.
So Merry Christmas to all of you,
Do have a lovely time please do.
Do not forget your elderly folks,
Your love and affection is all they carve.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Where love has gone

Stars shining up there so bright,
Please shine your cool white light.
Light up my  way in the dark night,
 that I reach my destination in sight.

My love comes down this street,
 Today after many days we will meet.
Please shine your light  indeed,
Stars do not disappoint me please.

Here she comes with flowers in her hair, 
I can see her from the street across here.
She awaits me besides the tree bare,
In the rain I see her stand and stare.

I must run to her though falling rain,
 Across the street I run but in vain.
I stand there and stare in pain,
She no longer stands by the lane. 

It was my imagination that I saw her,
 A year ago she died when a car hit her.
Awaiting me across the street there,
Like I see her besides the tree bare. 

During  the  Star lit nights,
I see her when I pass these streets.
But she vanishes from  my sight,
Leaving me searching throughout the night.
 renukakkar 5.10.2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Like a puppet on a string

Her life is like that of a toy puppet,
that dances as you pull its strings. 
Her wooden body encloses a heart,
It became wooden with time,it seems.

Her emotionless eyes hide her pain,
like her body they are so lifeless.
She moves and works without any aim,
moving through life as if in a daze.

Invisible strings attached to her back,
Invisible strings are attached to her arms.
She has a heart but willpower she lacks,
Like a piece of wood she has no charms.

She dreams that one day she'll be free,
Go away by cutting strings with a knife.
Free from here how would her life be,
A loving human heart free to love imbibe.

No more a life of immense drudgery,
She will be a free person in society.
To enjoy her rights of citizenry
bondage chains will be cut permanently.

Dreams are dreams and can never become,
one has to move to make them reality.
God helps those who help themselves,
otherwise remain stuck in your inevitability.
renukakkar 05.10.2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why Fret??

Constantly I am pushed for time,
Never am I able to make it mine.
Worry not fear not, all is fine,
The soul tells me to bid my time.

I find myself always running,
From early morn to late evening.
Work is never ever finishing,
Numerous chores are left lying.

Were from does this voice come?
In my heart it seems to reside.
A voice that commands and soothes,
It seems to be a voice Divine.

It says, all these are immaterial things,
Do your best there is no binding.
Helpful nature is all that’s qualifying,
Praises/ medals you will be discarding.

A desire to stay is inherent in us,
But to stay is never possible, thus.
Perhaps to finish unfinished task,
God gives us a few months gap.

When time comes for you to move on,
The journey you commence will be alone.  
Before anyone knows you will be gone,
Everything will remain as if you’re still home.

Learn your lessons and learn them fast,
Soon time will be to pack up and go at last.
Our near and dear ones will remain just,
To heavenly realms the journey takes us.

renukakkar 23.7.2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

तुम्हें याद करते

तुम्हें याद करते यूंह वक्त गुज़रा 
इंतजार करते करते हो जाता अँधेरा   

अनमोल पल थे जो तुम संग बीताए    
नहीं भूलेंगे कोई आंधी क्यों न आए  

ज़िन्दगी  की रफ़्तार कभी नहीं थमती  
कोई आए कोई जाए कभी  नहीं थकती 

जीवन सिखाता है वक्त संग बदलना 
यादो को थामें हमें आगे है निकलना 

ऊंचायों को छूना है मुक्कदर हमारा 
हासिल करंगे जो साथ है तुम्हारा

renukakkar 12.7.2012
Copyright@ 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Inner Self

Each one of us 
Has a higher self 
A middle and lower self  
As well as an inner self 

The higher self we aspire to be 
The lower self is how far we fall 
The middle self is a mixed ball  
The inner self is really small 

The inner self is a place   
Where Ego does not gel 
A place where there is the you real 
And time is at a stand still 
Encased under coverings of Ego 
Is said to be the soul 
The soul is not new but very old 
Having passed stages and evolved 
The inner place is peaceful 
 People’s talks here have no value 
 It is you your belief and your values 
That marks your progress spiritual  
The place deep inside you 
Somewhere near your heart 
The peacefulness is so great 
Not found in any world's part  
We do not realize 
It is what Saints look for 
Throughout live what we all search for 
 Ultimate destination we are destined for 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Be Aware

Some houses prove to be lucky 
some houses prove to be unlucky. 
It is perhaps not the fault of the house, 
but the soil where it is built has a history. 

I moved into such a house once, 
experienced the unluckiness hence. 
The house caused me health issues, 
I dismissed it as a matter of chance. 
My husband's heart conditioned worsened, 
soon to the hospital he was hastened. 
An operation ensured thereafter but 
he did not last long and soon expired.  

 A brother came to live and assist, 
but his stay, the house thought unfit. 
He started having serious health issues, 
and with the hospitals he had a tryst. 

After he left on my insistence 
I was give same treatment preference. 
But i did not stay long there 
and vacated the house with good riddance. 

The house had been built on a graveyard, 
the sleeping souls had been incessantly troubled. 
It was not only bad luck for me and family, 
but others too had unhappy stories told. 

My lessons learned from  my stay there, 
where ever you stay be aware. 
Such a past history of a building, 
will harm you if you do not care. 

renukakkar 25.5.2012 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An ambulance passes

It is the middle of the night,
the city sleeps and no one is in sight.
However, an ambulance passes, 
with screaming siren and flasing lights.

The old lady down the lane,
had a sudden heart complain.
Her relatives being disturbed,
called the hospital without refrain.

In the rain the ambulance does go,
carrying within a precious cargo.
Loved by her relatives is the elderly,
their sleep they now will forgo.

To her are attached numerous pipes,
caringly her face her son wipes.
Concern written across his face,
he sees life's memories in flashes.  

The hospital comes in sight,
rushed into aura of bright light.
ICCU is where she is taken,
where entire ambiance is in white.

Pipes are again attached,
movements of organs monitored.
for her to breathe properly,
an oxygen mask is also tied. 

Her son while sitting besides her
holding her hand begins to ponder.
Prays for her wellness he promises,
to earnestly devote love and time for her. 

After some time the doctor comes again,
his words lift entire night's strain.
She is out of danger the doctor says,
but under observation will remain.

renukakkar 22.5.2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Life of a leaf

The life of a leaf is is strange indeed,
starting from the tree to end as if free.
Summer comes and then it is autumn,
allowing it to fall as if from heaven.

The wind comes and at it blows,
attached loosely, it quickly falls.
Not alone it is but accompanied, 
others are also falling besides it. 

Like a child to his mother is attached,a leaf, 
I was attached to my branch instead. 
Cherished and drawing subsistence, 
I grew to provided shade with help of my brethren. 

Rain, storm and screeching wind i withstood, 
providing shelter as a good tree should. 
As humans age I started to age too 
my colour from green became a golden hue. 

Dry weather made me wrinkled and papery dry 
to fall at the slightest tug I wondered why? 
I had the wisdom of time with me 
like senior citizens in any society. 

A gust of wind came and tugged at me 
to fall or travel where the breeze took me. 
To rest below as a golden leaves carpet, 
or to travel to distant places like a tourist. 

My golden colour facinates children, 
They think the sun in me is hidden. 
Strange toys they make of me, 
Leaf boat, windmill and whistle. 

I am ready to undergo this ordeal indeed, 
as I feel I should be fully utilised. 
When fully used and no longer viable, 
on ground i am thrown to become dust inevitable. 

renukakkar 21.5.2012 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life is not always full of melancholy

I sat in my room pondering,
my life's direction I was wondering.
Thinking that life is now quite static,
is it really suppose to be like this?

I rise on the tide of success one day,
promptly falling to the ground later I say.
Sometimes life happily pulls me up, 
throwing me later as if a discarded cup.

Life is never plain sailing and easy,
but life so heartless is indeed a pity.
One struggles through impending doom,
creating happiness in the surrounding gloom.

God gives on one hand without my asking,
taking away something from the other without telling.
My expectations perhaps make me gloomy,
Life is not always full of melancholy.

Just my way of making noise,
calling attention so I can enjoy.
happiness and sadness two sides of a coin.
Like rain comes and then there is sunshine.

renukakkar 4.5.2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mohabbat karne wale

Mohabbat karne wale 

Mohabbat karne wale apno pe hai marte
Dil wale hai vo Dushman se nafrat nahi karte.

Jise chaaha sadaa ke liye ussi ke ho liye
Apne aap se bhi vo dhoka nahi hai karte.

Yaado mai basaaye hai har pal jinke
anso chupaye vo roya nahi karte.

Tumhe raas na aye mubbhat karni humse
Dikhave ki mohabbat to hum bhi nahi karte.

Tumhare naam pe likh dee hazaro kavita
Itni baate to koi shayar bhi nahi karte.



Monday, April 16, 2012

The flying machine

A poem for children

As I fly in my machine over hills and valleys,
I see a pretty girl looking to the skies.
She hears the sound of the flying machine,
but cannot see me, so I opine.

My machine is a new plane that I made,
it flies just above the treetop's surface.
I can see all the shy birds in the trees,
It is a delight to see where all they hide.

My machine is invisible to all and sundry,
no one has made something like it you see.
No one can see me that is for sure,
Unless I raise the shield for fresh air.

Soon my flying machine is alongside,
she turns around  as if to take flight.
Her hair blows all over her pretty face
she tries to see through the impending haze.

Soon I burst out in fits of laughter,
audible to her like running water.
she flings a stick blindly into the air,
manages my wheels to strongly strike.

The laughter now is from her for sure
I am the one looking towards its repair.
The shield lifts suddenly due to the impact
I jump out thinking I would be whacked

But the joke is on me for sure today,
her brothers have been waiting today.
I get a thrashing that I will never forget,
The flying machine is not for nonsense.

renukakkar 16.04.2012
Copyright @2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Man in the Moon(Chanda Mama)

Sometimes you see him, and sometimes you don’t.
When night light is dim, he is seen at the horizon.
As he moves across the sky, disappearing as the sun rises.
Spreading less or more light and increasing its shape and size.

Fascinated we were by Grandmother calling him Chanda Mama,
Meaning Moon Uncle (mother’s brother), great story teller.
Who puts us all to sleep, while he travels across the sky,
While we counted sheep, he glided across like a butter fly.

As kids, we saw him as the kind man in the moon with a smiling face,
While walking alone he was reassuring and gliding keeping with us same pace.
Growing up, the fascination with Chanda Mama or the man in the moon wanes,
But comes back in our children when we tell them his songs and poems.
renukakkar 30.3.2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

I will make you my destiny

 Come sit besides me for a short while
In my eyes I'll capture your picture
and I will make you my destiny  

On papery heart I will draw your sketch 
will hide it in the corner easy to fetch
I will make you my destiny

You will remain always there
my heartbeat you will be for ever
I will make you my destiny

You will understand whatever I say
and I will understand what you say  
I will make you my destiny

I want you and only you
you're my life's prayer/ destination true
I will make you my destiny  

renukakkar 17.2.2012

तुझे अपनी तक़दीर बना लू

दो पल बैठ मेरे साथ तू 
आँखों में तेरी तसवीर बसा लू 
तुझे अपनी तक़दीर बना लू 

कागजे दिल पे स्केत्च बना लू 
किसी कोनें में उसे छिपा लू 
तुझे अपनी तक़दीर बना लू 

हमेशा रहेगी (रहेगा ) मेरे पस तू
दिल की धड़कन बनजा रे तू 
तुझे अपनी तक़दीर बना लू 

मेरी बात हमेशा समझे तू    
तेरी बात हमेशा मैं समझू  
तुझे अपनी तक़दीर बना लू 

मुझे चाहिए सिर्फ तू ही तू 
मेरे जीवन की प्रार्थना है तू 
तुझे अपनी तक़दीर बना लू  

renukakkar 17.2.2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Celestial house

I was in meditation that day again,
and saw a park with little green hills.
The weather indicated fall of rain, 
the picture was completed with singing birds.

I felt as if I was in another world,
I saw a distant house I walked towards.
A strange house it looked indeed,
cautiously I moved forward.

The framework of doors and windows were visible,,
it roof was huge and white like a dome, 
Doors and windows, however seemed invisible,
celestial light it emitted and I knew I was home. 

As I came to stand before the house,
I heard chanting of Om coming from inside.
I realized that the chanting was from within, 
coming from the rooms inside.

I felt at peace upon entering 
all my aches and pains were vanishing.
Was it the house or the chanting,
that was effecting this miraculous healing.

As I walked through the doorway,
no one was there whom i could meet.
I saw a number of open doorways,
that lead into the  rooms  with chanting sweet.

Someone came toward me suddenly and stood,
dressed in a flowing white gown with a slash tight.
tears rolled down as his aura was so good,
His clothes emitted pure celestial light.

For a minute i was held spellbound,
he blessed me with raised hands.
Thereafter I do not know what happened
he vanished and I found myself in familiar surrounds.  

renukakkar 25.1.2012