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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are we alone ?

Stars shining in the sky
disperse darkness entirely.

A man tired and defeat 
many give a helping hand indeed. 

The sun moves alone across the sky 
but planets give it company. 

A lone wick of the lamp spreads light 
darkness below it gives it might. 
Every flower  looks a singlet 
placed in a pretty bouquet.

But on a closer look is seen
many flowers a bouquet contains.

We do not walk alone they say
angels are with us always.

It is a different matter though
they come forth when requested to show.

Why do we think  we stand
entirely alone and dejected.

Sometime God is seen
a helping hand to angels is given.

Why is mankind afraid
of being alone and frail..

Life means to come and go
festivity of life goes on

renukakkar 28.8.2011

क्या हम अकेले है ?

फलक पे एक अंधेरा
भगाते उसे अनेक सितारे.

थके हारे इंसानों को
देते हैं लोग सहारे.

चलता सूरज दिखता अकेला
कई ग्रह उसके हैं साथी.

दिया अकेला रौशनी देता
चिराग तले अंधेरा भी उसका साथी.

हर एक फूल है अकेला
दिखता तो गुलदस्ते में.

परंतु बनता गुल्दस्ता
हमेशां अनेक फूलों से.

अकेले हम तो नहीं चलते
हमारे संग चलते फ़रिश्ते.

यह अलग बात है लेकिन
बुलाने पर वह सामने आते.

हम हमेशां क्यों यह सोचें
अकेले रह गए परेशां.

साथ-साथ हाथ बटाते
फ़रिश्तो के साथ दिखते भगवान.

इंसान क्यों यह सोचे
कि वह रह गया अकेला.

ज़िंदगी तो आना जाना है
दुनिया में तो लगा है मेला.

renukakkar 28. 8. 2011

Haikus- an attempt

Stars in the dark sky
twinkle  for you and me
never wavering or tiring.

Water gushing from a high fall
sprinkling sparkling clean 
sun plays hide and seek.

Wind blows across the street
lifting dust, leaves, flowers
snatches away my letters.

Sun shining in my eyes
makes them brim with tears
unshed  no one sees.

Rain comes as a downpour
cleaning  sky, plants and road
hiding tears that flow.

renukakkar 24.8.2011

Hues of Autumn

My hair turned gray as the autumns pass
remembering many seasons our hearts once knew
The richness of the shared times
those were special for me and you.

The ticking of the clock of time goes on
As down life’s road I alone now go
Our hearts were joined in a bond of love
when we walked in fallen snow.

Your eyes would brighten like the sky
And my heart would begin to sing
As our children flung their arms around you
to show and express their loving.

All the summers have now gone
And my live is now hues of autumn
I stop and reminiscence
where our lives have gone.

Gray hair and more lines trace my face
like soft shadows veil the wall
Our children have since gone away
And alone I watch the rich leaves fall.

Our love stands bright with fewer changes
and one by one I witness going by days
Alone I be but grow still stronger
as you watch me from above as if through haze.

Those promises we made to each other long ago
To be happy in any situation I still abide
our lives are still bound together so true
though separated by a wall when you died.

renukakkar 24.8.2011