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Saturday, October 22, 2011

To live in the now

We hanker for the past,
living in the present.
We worry for the future,
which is yet to come.
Why can't we live in the present?
everyone had a great past.

Building good our today now,
to ensure a happy future.
But still we worry, 
messing up our today.
For a eventual tomorrow,
that will arrive somehow. 

What ever happened,
happened for our good.
what ever is happening,
is happening for our good.
Whatever will happen,
will happens for our good.

So live for today in the now,
building a good base for tomorrow.
When tomorrow comes,
it will today become.
The rising sun to you is given,
a new day to build your day upon.

High blood pressure and tension will go away,
if you give up worrying for today.
Each today added will form a chain,
future entire will be happy without strain.
From your mind remove any negative thought,
do your duty with a compassionate heart.

renukakkar 21.10.2011

The Rainbow's promise

After the rain has stopped pouring,
and the thunder has stopped its growling.
Dark clouds with  drops of water suspended,
makes in the sky an arch of 7 mist colored. 

Rainbows are visible after stormy weather,
a time when things look sadder.
From the darkest gray clouds in the skies,
does a rainbow burst forth we all know why.

They say the rainbow was sent for Noah.
A promise that God's words would remain
The rainbow's message carved for infinity,
made to all mankind by God Almighty.

The rainbow is a sign of this promise,
that he will guide us through the storms of life.
Provided we have faith in Him always,
and face stoically what comes in life's difficult pathways.

renukakkar 22.10.2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Diwali ya Diwala?

Aai Diwali, aai Diwali,
lekin meri to jaib khali.

inflation ne jakra humko,
rate hua 9.72% aab to.

Petrol hogaya bahut hi mangha,
500 rupey main chalta nahi vo hafta.

Gas ke cylinder ka daam bhi barta,
aab hai vo bhi 400 rupey ka.

kya banaye kya khaye hum,
petrol ka har cheez pe hai dum.

kya lights, kya patake,
kya methai kya mavaye.

Bahar desho main endan ka rate aadha,
hamare yaha dugana/triguna rate hai rakha. 

Garibo ki nahi sarkar hai amiro ki,
Diwala nikal rahi hai hamara diwali hai amiro ki. 

renukakkar 19.10.2011

Is it Diwali or Bankruptcy?

Here comes Diwali,
but my pockets are empty.

Inflation has caught us tightly,
and is at 9.72% definitely.

Petrol becomes dearer it is seen,
Rs 500  hardly lasts for a week even .

Gas cylinder's cost is also increasing,
Rs 400 it is now costing.

What to cook and what to eat,
petrol rate on things cause a cascading rate.

Same is for lighting and same is for fireworks,
how to buy sweets and dried fruits for self and guests.

In countries of even the third world,
the cost of petrol is half or even one third.

The Government is not for the poor but for the rich,
Bankrupt they are making us all but Diwali is for the few rich. 

renukakkar 19.10.2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A caged bird's song for freedom

See the birds on the trees are free,
to leap and soar into the skies.
Bask in the glory of the sun,
or sit on logs floating downstream.
Bathe in the puddles formed by rain,
or in the dust to get rid of their back pain.
Sing from dawn to dusk,
eating grains and worms from the grass.

I am a bird kept in a cage,
hitting my head on the bars with rage.
Neither the sky to soar upwards to,
nor the treetops to hop and leap to.
Not to sing to my heart's content, 
or fly to where the rainbow ends.
Eating whatever is given to me,
even if it is disliked by me you see.

My foot is tied,
to the cage's side.
My cage is narrow,
movement is slow.
I dread my death 
in this prisoned place.
Before my time is up you see,
freedom for all is necessary.

The songs i tweet,
are painful indeed.
But on deaf ears they seem to fall,
no one yet heard my help calls.
I wish to fly away away and away,
someone kind my songs will sway.
opening my cage and setting me free from doom,
to live a life that's a God given boon.


Monday, October 17, 2011

A girl in white

A girl dressed all in white,
walks alongside the roads every night.
She disappears as soon as the darkness goes,
and as the sun peeps through the clouds.

Stopping any motorists or a hiker,
walking the roads or even a bicker.
Asking for a lift to her home,
situated at the outskirts of the town.

Outside the town is a cemetery,
the car stops at the gate suddenly.
She gets down or not no one knows,
as she is not seen in cars or where she goes.

They say she died suddenly,
while travelling on this road to her family.
A motorist was driving at very high speed,
hitting her and flinging her body high indeed.

Her head hit the road thereafter,
and she died without being aware.
Her soul travels the same road every night,
homeward bound, she is dressed in white.

renukakkar 17.10.2011