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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Celestial house

I was in meditation that day again,
and saw a park with little green hills.
The weather indicated fall of rain, 
the picture was completed with singing birds.

I felt as if I was in another world,
I saw a distant house I walked towards.
A strange house it looked indeed,
cautiously I moved forward.

The framework of doors and windows were visible,,
it roof was huge and white like a dome, 
Doors and windows, however seemed invisible,
celestial light it emitted and I knew I was home. 

As I came to stand before the house,
I heard chanting of Om coming from inside.
I realized that the chanting was from within, 
coming from the rooms inside.

I felt at peace upon entering 
all my aches and pains were vanishing.
Was it the house or the chanting,
that was effecting this miraculous healing.

As I walked through the doorway,
no one was there whom i could meet.
I saw a number of open doorways,
that lead into the  rooms  with chanting sweet.

Someone came toward me suddenly and stood,
dressed in a flowing white gown with a slash tight.
tears rolled down as his aura was so good,
His clothes emitted pure celestial light.

For a minute i was held spellbound,
he blessed me with raised hands.
Thereafter I do not know what happened
he vanished and I found myself in familiar surrounds.  

renukakkar 25.1.2012

Will you be my Valentine?

Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

I pick up courage to tell you today,
that I love you more than I can say.
Love for me is a precious gift,
when I see you, my spirits lift.
Will you be my Valentine?

My love for you is honestly sweet, 
I would never ever on you cheat.
Love for me is very precious,
making my smile infectious. 
Will you be my Valentine ?

Love for me is very gentle,
It's healing  it is very sentimental.
Sometimes your leaving me I fear,
at home alone I shed, silent tears.
Will you be my Valentine?

The bond within is very strong,
I know from within that with you I belong.
Please reciprocate the love i have for you,
I am sure this love for you will remain ever true.
Will you truly be my Valentine?

Love works from the  core of our hearts
Our love is such that it lights up like sparks
Love for us is like seeing northern lights
Forever a source of delight
It is divine, will you be my Valentine?

renukakkar 12.2.2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You’ve come to change my destiny

You’ve entered my heart via my eyes.
Who are you to me oh stranger mine,   
Very dear to me you are so suddenly. 
you’ve come to change my destiny.

Love seems to cascade from your eyes,
love is hidden in your unspoken words. 
How do I handle so much love suddenly,
you’ve come to change my destiny.

I was walking alone in this life of mine, 
searching for someone to walk besides. 
You came along to accompany me suddenly,
you’ve come to change my destiny.

Everyday now I pray to God, 
that we never get separated.
We take a vow on this jointly,
You’ve come to change my destiny. 

renukakkar 8.2.2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

हमारी तक़दीर जगाने आये हो.

आँखों में समाकर दिल में तुम उतरे, 
हमारे कौन हो तुम अनजानें से. 
तुम लगने लगे हो अपने से,
हमारी तक़दीर जगाने आये हो. 

तुम्हारी आँखों से बरसता प्यार इतना,
बातो में भी छिपा है प्यार कितना
इतना प्यार हम संभाले कैसे,
हमारी तक़दीर जगाने आये हो. 

ज़िन्दगी में चलते थे अकेले, 
हम ढूंढते थे जीवन भर जिसे
तुम्ही साथ निभाने आये हो,
हमारी तक़दीर जगाने आये हो. 

दुआ माँगते हैं अब हम रब से,
ज़िन्दगी भर न हम कभी बिछुड़ंगे
वादा निभाने की कसम हम खाते हैं, 
हमारी तक़दीर जगाने आये हो.