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Monday, March 3, 2014

Crossroads Of Life

At a crossroad of my life I today stand
Thinking what do I have today in my hand?
Turning back is not possible you said,
Much water has flown since we last met.

Going forward at same pace in the current direction,
I am warned of hidden perils in every situation.
Turning to the left or the right of the current path,
From the dear loved one I will most certainly depart.

Decisions in life we always make in haste,
Then have the hindsight of time going waste.
Not realizing that it was a lesson to be learnt,
Moving on with knowledge not to again get burnt.

We are Spiritual being living a human existence,
Learning is a part and parcel of ascendance.
Let me not lament for things mundane,
Next lesson to learn I am ready to face again. 

renukakkar 3.3.2014
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