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Friday, October 7, 2011

you love someone else

I got to know today from a friend 
that you love for me is dead.

My purpose in life I seem to have lost
Loving someone has its cost.

Do you not love me anymore? 
have you forgotten me for sure? 

Before you leave be sure 
that his love for you is much more. 

I can find somebody too
but I love no one else but you.

There is no need for me to find someone new
If only you could understand that I need you  

In life true love is experienced only once
second time it is called a compromise.

You are leaving me to make a life compromised? 
or love you have found now and life with me was compromised? 

It is your decision and you should happily remain
within your happiness I will search  for mine.

renukakkar 710.2011

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