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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank you my dear

Each gentle word from you is soothing, 
lightening up my entire world. 
Each word of yours shows caring, 
the gentle nature of your divine soul. 

With you around me there is no darkness, 
all dark places become illuminate. 
If I ever feel any loneliness, 
your love makes me part of the infinite. 

You speak words straight from your heart, 
so sweet and innocent and true. 
Your honesty and caring state, 
akin to an umbrella of love for me and you. 

I thank you for standing besides me in these years, 
believing and supporting me till today dear. 
Without you, I wouldn't have made it here, 
a dawn of an even brighter future awaits us, my dear. 

renukakkar 1.10.2011 

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