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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God the painter

Who is the greatest painter on Earth?
 none other than God who created this Universe.
 Incomparable is his working beautiful dawn,
 dusk and rainbows he is making. 

The landscapes are painted green
 sky is blue with clouds in the scene. 
 Hills and vallies are there too
 snow covered mountains for me and you. 

 Beautiful butterflies and beautiful flowers
our hearts these delights gladdens. 
The birds and animals in nature
Springs and waterfalls complete the picture. 

Lullybye sung by the Oceans
with its moves rhythmic music played by undulating waves. 
Most wonderful creation are humans and their races
showing different types of smiling faces. 

These smiles are infectious indeed
making a non-smiler to smile with speed.  
Smiling at someone lightens your day
and brightens up another person in a special way 

renukakkar 30.9.2011 

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