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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pondering about fleeting time

Sometimes I ponder why,
time no longer moves slowly.
Every step I take forward,
Is practically a step backward.

Day seems to finish to soon,
Before I know it Sun changes to the moon.
Night is weary and wakeful, 
Providing no rest for the body or soul.

As a child everything was fascinating,
Each object was new and captivating.
Sleeping and dreaming of fairies and castles,  
slaying dragons, meeting talking animals.

Now sleeps for many is elusive, 
to call it one has to be cultivative .
Popping pills is a norm for some,
for others its counting sheep till sleep will come.

Sometimes I wish I was much younger,
Though i am not that much older.
During youth nothing is unavailable,
And also nothing was unattainable. 

Time though fleeting is still on my side, 
but impediments do slow my stride.
Being  cautious, strong  and etc thrown in,
Sometimes I really wish i was young again.


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