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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The strom and thereafter

The sunlight and its brightness
get engulfed in darkness.
A cut knife silence prevails
as if before a storm the lull is felt.

The wind begins to blow softly
gaining speed it blows wildly and ferociously.
Picking up dust and creating a screen
through which nothing can be seen.

The wind starts swirling
dry leaves and dust it is pulling.
A funnel is slowly formed
reaching from the sky to the ground.

Trees sway to the wind's tunes
which create a howling ruckus.
Not to be left behind thunder follows
and then there is utter chaos.

An eerie darkness in the skies
howling winds crying trees making painful shrieks.
There are bolts of thunder and lightning
cracking and hissing on grounds falling.

God's anger slowly ebbs
we behold downpour as tears.
Some damage here and there
but the dust storm has gone where?

Sometime later there is a cool breeze
clouds disappear and the sun peeps.
no traces of engulfing darkness
sun shines out with full brightness.

renukakkar 13.9.2011

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