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Friday, November 4, 2011

How important it is to study ?

Anand was a poor lad,
which was indeed a pity.
A will to learn he had,
and his maths was indeed wizardly.

Languages especially ancient,
he was comfortable learning.
His spellings were great,
and Geography was outstanding.

A real intelligent kid,
who had a great intelligent quotient.
To teach him a teacher would be proud, 
the making of a great man was his potential.

A tailor shop his father had,
wanted his son to join the  trade. 
Study books and fees was now matter dead, 
son should help  earn family its bread.

Anand sits cross legged on a low table,
and now learns to snip and sew.
Snipping at cloths that he is able.
to make them into wearable clothes you know.

Poor Anand what a life's waste,
as he bravely faces a future unpalatable.
Indeed a matter of a study case,
emotionally blackmailed into  undesirable.

As your clothes he for you fits,
wonder what in his mind he thinks?
Perhaps, that he is really a misfit,
what life has more unpleasant surprises ? 

There is hope in every situation,
a kind client one day came by.
Got him admitted in a school open,
to complete his education by and by.

renukakkar 5.11.2011

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