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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Confluence of three rivers( Triveni Sangam)

Sangam is what they call this place,
three rivers come to meet here.
Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati, 
all the three rivers here meet. 

From where all are these rivers coming?
from many miles they are travelling.
Ganga flows along,
a deeper yamuna comes along.

Gods and the Demons had fought for nectar,
drops of which fell at this confluence.
People come to bathe here, 
washing all their sins away here.
Trivani, Prayag or Allahabad are its names, 
the place was visited also by Lord Rama. 
After 12 years a huge event is held,
the Kumb mela is here organised.

Ganga's water is yellowish,
yamuna's water is bluish.
Ganga's depth is only 4 feet,
and yamuna's depth is 40 feet.

Afterwords  Ganga flows neat and clean,
the yellowish water is left behind.
On little boats from banks of Yamuna,
people come to this place of sangam.

On Triveni are raised platforms,
people bathe here to get rid of their sins. 
Seeking entry into heaven,
their life's dirt triveni washes.

Even i had come here,
some years past since.
Did not bathe at Triveni like others,
 to Ganga ji, I just did namaskar. 

renukakkar 30.10.2011
Copyright@ 2011

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