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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter knocks

The nip in the air, winter onset is indicating
the wind blowing has a biting feeling
making a sound while it is blowing.
to face the cold weather our town is readying.

The sun is seen less and less
it's warmth is un felt, if it comes
People dress in dark and heavy clothes  
as if to match the gloomy clouds.

Towards December the cold intensifies
the neck, head and ears take cover
As the doorbell rings we look at each other
whose turn is it to open the door ?

The warmth of the room heater is 13 or less,
temperature outside of 2 or even lower it goes
As Christmas nears, snowflakes the town witnesses
higher regions have snow covered mountains. 

Christmas and New Year is a white one
with a white blanket cover of soft snow
The clouds not to be outdone
matches the snow on trees,houses roads to the bone.

Nights are without clouds and clear
seems as if the stars are much near
Tourists come here for mental peace
this time for them is a bonus indeed. 

My home town I am missing 
would love to watch snow flakes falling
I'm ready to face the north winds biting and blowing
My childhood memories I would enjoy reliving. 

renukakkar 6.11.2011

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