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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Building dreams into reality

Bright cool moonlight,
my love comes this way.
Please shine your light,
to illuminate his pathway.

Please be around,
to give that  aura of togetherness.
Do not disappear behind a cloud,
that I have to talk in darkness.

This stranger fills my life to the brim,
most precious and most dear. 
Meaningless is my life without him,  
watch over him if i am not here. 

I see him in my dreamland,
where we all go when asleep.
You moonlight in that scene grand,
lights up our pathways in leaps.

There we walked together,
in your cool moonlight.
Building dreams of our future,
in you light bright.

So also tonight,
we meet again in reality, 
Our future is bright,
as we chalk our plans for infinity.

renukakkar 2.11.2011