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Saturday, July 11, 2015


My smiles hide my tears,
people take me for granted.
My laughter hides my fears.
That I may not be again fleeced.

I have always been happy,
taking whatever comes in life.
But I have found out sadly,
Friends carry with them a knife. 

In troubled times help theyneed, 
be it in cash or in kind.
When similar help is my need,
there is no cash to find.

I have finally learnt my lessons,
I learnt them the hard way.
You pay heed to my words,
keep loan seekers a mile away.

Such sharks are all over the world,
On your trust they do thrive.
Never trust till you're sure as gold,
otherwise you'll be less alive.

Nobody will now know me,
henceforth, I will wear a mask.
Such cheats in life do not trick me,
with talks of hard times & grandeur lost.

Now I practice my mask,
in the mirror with my smiles.
My shields no one can break,
which hides me behind my smiles.

renukakkar 10.07.2015

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  1. A very hypocratic ppl....but one feels suffocated wearing the mask...