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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Harbingers Of Bad Tidings

Harbingers of bad tidings are Aspersions and Doubts, 
Creating a distorted mind full of angry clouds.
Doubts leave painful scars on our souls,
Relegating to the background our cherished goals.
leaving one with blurred vision and unshed tears,
Future goes haywire when such a situation appears.
Sadness engulfs the tortured soul,
no bright light is there for it to flow.
Soul feels lost when harsh words are told,
It gets stifled by such callous hold.
Looking for a way to prove its innocence,
untruth becomes truth and truth is nonsense.

At the crossroad of time the soul stands,
what should it do, to its higher self it asks?
Look within and your strength you find,
emotionally you have already been fined.
Walk away slowly from the situation,
an evolving being need not give explanation.

Promise breakers Aspersioners and doubters,
from set goals try to derail you into dark clouds.
Truth is truth and truth will always hold its own,
untruth hold sway will one day be gone.
Like a phoenix you will rise again,
Into your own glory to forever rein.
renukakkar 15.10.2015

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