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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Let us put a price tag on words,
priceless would be their costs.

With compassion when uttered, 
bringing peace and ending wars.

Listen to the words of God,
which are very  precious indeed.
The words are not from surround,
But the heart where god does reside.

Harsh words uttered by relations,
hurt us but they are for  our reforms.
listen not to the spoken harsh tones,
but the message conveyed within its folds.

Words spoken by friends, near and dear,
are straight from the heart and very clear.
wellness at heart they hold never doubt or fear,

your problems they share by lending an ear.

Many lessons in life do words teach,
Through words we experience defeat.
through words we grow and spiritually reach
But no words are there when we are at peace.

renukakkar 21.08.2014
Copyright @2014

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