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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Death ?

Death is always watching,
it is bidding its time.
During the day observing,
not stopping even at night time.

It keeps a constant vigil,
as our life it seeks to whisk away. 
Whether in happiness or sadness or when ill,
we cannot stop it but can deter it if we pray. 

Death can take us during the day,
or it can take us during the night.
Life here is a temporary stay, 
But death  takes us for a permanent rest.

It's permanent presence,  
Is scary for us all.
It's inevitable dominance,
makes us feel like we’re made of clay balls.

Death is for everyone invisible,.
we know that for sure.
Its presence is invincible,
it will take us for sure.

Knowing when it will show its face,
can not be a guarantee.
It takes people who completed their case,
the youth and sometimes even the babies. 

Sometimes as it happens everywhere,
Death’s helpers make blunders.
For a judgement somewhere,
a wrong person is taken in slumber.

Upon the mistake being sorted out, 
the wrong person is returned.
Giving an opportunity to all about,
To see what happens when death had called.

Death is a passing phase,
to repair to rest and to be overhauled.
Before coming down in a renewed stage,
to learn life’s lessons not yet learned. 

The cycle of life and death moves continuously,
till we push to move ourselves out of it.
By learning our lessons earnestly,
so that we do not come back to relearn it.  

renukakkar 24.1.2012

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