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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Celestial House

I was in meditation that day again,
and saw a park with little green hills.
The weather indicated fall of rain, 
the picture was completed with singing birds.

I felt as if I was in another world,
I saw a distant house I walked towards.
A strange house it looked indeed,
cautiously I moved forward.

The framework of doors and windows were visible,,
it roof was huge and white like a dome, 
Doors and windows, however seemed invisible,
celestial light it emitted and I knew I was home. 

As I came to stand before the house,
I heard chanting of Om coming from inside.
I realized that the chanting was from within, 
coming from the rooms inside.

I felt at peace upon entering 
all my aches and pains were vanishing.
Was it the house or the chanting,
that was effecting this miraculous healing.

As I walked through the doorway,
no one was there whom i could meet.
I saw a number of open doorways,
that lead into the  rooms  with chanting sweet.

Someone came toward me suddenly and stood,
dressed in a flowing white gown with a slash tight.
tears rolled down as his aura was so good,
His clothes emitted pure celestial light.

For a minute i was held spellbound,
he blessed me with raised hands.
Thereafter I do not know what happened
he vanished and I found myself in familiar surrounds.  

renukakkar 25.1.2012

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