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Monday, January 23, 2012

Will power (Believe in yourself)

Have dreams to make into reality,
use you mind to channel thoughts rightly.
Obstacles, one meets in all walks of life,
learn to deal with them with a laugh and a smile.

Winning one day and losing the next day,
from broken dreams one rises again we say. 
Rebuilding a future again from basics,
like a phoenix one should rises from the ashes.

Don't harp on your losses in life,
rebuild and try again for a better life.
People to discourage are everywhere,
pay no heed to them as they are not with you here.

Keep your head firmly on your shoulders.
even if all blame you for unforeseen blunders.
Hold on to your will power in spite of all obstacles, 
the blame game is just part of their fenders.

For the sake of their age, make some allowances, 
and the fact that they don't know your capabilities.
Trust in yourself and your work potential,
you will rise like a phoenix they will know your worthiness.

Sometimes it seems that we do not like others,
but this stems from what we dislike in ourselves. 
The realization of this fact is understood by very few,
if all understood they would be saints,it is true.

Hatred in the long run does not pay,
no matter for what reason it is allowed to hold sway.
Few realize these words of ancient seers,
pretend to know all but they never become wiser.

renukakkar 23.1.2012
Copyright @2012


  1. wow...its good,incredible thoughts well written.

  2. thank you..was just letting of steam :)