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Monday, May 21, 2012

Life of a leaf

The life of a leaf is is strange indeed,
starting from the tree to end as if free.
Summer comes and then it is autumn,
allowing it to fall as if from heaven.

The wind comes and at it blows,
attached loosely, it quickly falls.
Not alone it is but accompanied, 
others are also falling besides it. 

Like a child to his mother is attached,a leaf, 
I was attached to my branch instead. 
Cherished and drawing subsistence, 
I grew to provided shade with help of my brethren. 

Rain, storm and screeching wind i withstood, 
providing shelter as a good tree should. 
As humans age I started to age too 
my colour from green became a golden hue. 

Dry weather made me wrinkled and papery dry 
to fall at the slightest tug I wondered why? 
I had the wisdom of time with me 
like senior citizens in any society. 

A gust of wind came and tugged at me 
to fall or travel where the breeze took me. 
To rest below as a golden leaves carpet, 
or to travel to distant places like a tourist. 

My golden colour facinates children, 
They think the sun in me is hidden. 
Strange toys they make of me, 
Leaf boat, windmill and whistle. 

I am ready to undergo this ordeal indeed, 
as I feel I should be fully utilised. 
When fully used and no longer viable, 
on ground i am thrown to become dust inevitable. 

renukakkar 21.5.2012 

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