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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why Fret??

Constantly I am pushed for time,
Never am I able to make it mine.
Worry not fear not, all is fine,
The soul tells me to bid my time.

I find myself always running,
From early morn to late evening.
Work is never ever finishing,
Numerous chores are left lying.

Were from does this voice come?
In my heart it seems to reside.
A voice that commands and soothes,
It seems to be a voice Divine.

It says, all these are immaterial things,
Do your best there is no binding.
Helpful nature is all that’s qualifying,
Praises/ medals you will be discarding.

A desire to stay is inherent in us,
But to stay is never possible, thus.
Perhaps to finish unfinished task,
God gives us a few months gap.

When time comes for you to move on,
The journey you commence will be alone.  
Before anyone knows you will be gone,
Everything will remain as if you’re still home.

Learn your lessons and learn them fast,
Soon time will be to pack up and go at last.
Our near and dear ones will remain just,
To heavenly realms the journey takes us.

renukakkar 23.7.2012

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