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Friday, May 25, 2012

Be Aware

Some houses prove to be lucky 
some houses prove to be unlucky. 
It is perhaps not the fault of the house, 
but the soil where it is built has a history. 

I moved into such a house once, 
experienced the unluckiness hence. 
The house caused me health issues, 
I dismissed it as a matter of chance. 
My husband's heart conditioned worsened, 
soon to the hospital he was hastened. 
An operation ensured thereafter but 
he did not last long and soon expired.  

 A brother came to live and assist, 
but his stay, the house thought unfit. 
He started having serious health issues, 
and with the hospitals he had a tryst. 

After he left on my insistence 
I was give same treatment preference. 
But i did not stay long there 
and vacated the house with good riddance. 

The house had been built on a graveyard, 
the sleeping souls had been incessantly troubled. 
It was not only bad luck for me and family, 
but others too had unhappy stories told. 

My lessons learned from  my stay there, 
where ever you stay be aware. 
Such a past history of a building, 
will harm you if you do not care. 

renukakkar 25.5.2012 

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