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Friday, December 2, 2011

Head of family is lazy

Again comes Saturday and Sunday,

 work to be done though the day's a holiday.
Hey what is this? the Family Head is lazying away,
all the newspapers he is reading today.

The Home Government (wife) hands him a list,
the month long required groceries are to be bought.
But the Family Head is lazying away,
setting aside the paper, he is channel surfing all day.

Order has been given by him for chick pea and pooris,
of kidney beans with gravy and rice as well as cottage cheese delicacies. 
His wife, a servant, he has  now made,
And friends he is calling for lunch to partake.

His wife hits her forehead with her hand,
what a madman  I have by mistake wed?
Wish I could also get a job somehow, 
 bossy behaviour lessons he deserves now. 

Is it easy to do a job tell me?
the kids and the house are not easy to manage ?
Such Family Head type people are everywhere,
a voice from within was head by her.

There in office bossy attitude persists even today ,
work done by women, is done by them they say.
Multitasking is something they all make noises about,
multitasking is in reality what women do without a doubt.

God for a day please reverse the flow of the Ganges River,
let the family head become the head of the home government, Sir.
Multitasking and cooking, his headache will become,
I will read the paper or do channel surfing, then.

renukakkar 2.12.2011

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