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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What does my future hold for me ?

What does my future hold for me?
I wish I could get to know.
My past goes with me,
where ever i want to go.
The best years of my life,
are  perhaps gone for ever.
But in my memories of life,
they live on for ever.

My friends and dear ones are no more with me,
but they are ever young in my memories.
Their pictures will for ever stay with me,
as long as i retain those memories.
When ever I feel the need,
to talk to them.
All I have to do indeed,
is to my mind recall them.

As of now it is the present,  
that is what is most important now.
The memories were of past,
and a new day begins as the sun rises tomorrow.
Giving me a fresh new page to write on,
all new memories for the future.
I have to live in the present and in the now,
before my time comes some day in future.

I will build my memories again,
adding new and better ones every day.
Ensuring that I become a better person,
than I was yesterday.
My own betterment,
is a spiritual upward pathway.
Striving for excellence,
is the lesson of my destiny. 

renukakkar 27.11.2011

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